I Knew I was a Cardinal when…

…I looked into their journalism program

To say Christian Dixie got a jump start on college would be an understatement.

By the time he was a freshman at Northrop High School in Fort Wayne, he knew he wanted to attend Ball State.

A counselor encouraged him to tag along on a campus visit, mostly with older students, and he fell in love.

I really gravitated toward the school’s journalism program

I love Ball State!❤️❤️ #WeFly pic.twitter.com/D7rQMwQ0lI

— Christian Dixie ™️🦋 (@CDixieee) January 15, 2020

He won more than $65,000, which he plans to use to pay for college.

The contest aired in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, and a Yahoo.com news article called Christian “precisely what the world needs now.”


504 Gateway Time-out

“I love it here at Ball State,” he said. “I’ve already done so much as a freshman alone.”

Christian Dixie

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