december 9, 2020
working in essential industries is associated with an increased risk of covid-19 infection among bhutanese and burmese refugees.
december 8, 2020
a ball state university graduate will become the first judge of hispanic heritage to serve the southern district of indiana.
december 8, 2020
with 60 videos now online, deva rangarajan is bringing his sales and marketing knowledge to people who want to boost their business skills.
december 3, 2020
teachers college receives $1.45 million gift that will assist students with diverse and economically-challenged backgrounds by providing them with financial assistance and comprehensive services.
december 1, 2020
ball state researcher jill walls believes a dose of gratitude might be the boost families need to lift spirits during the holiday season.
november 23, 2020
soar curriculum is designed to give every miller college of business undergraduate student a competitive edge in joining the workforce.
november 23, 2020
a leading accessibility publication has named ball state university one of the top 10 “wheelchair friendly colleges” in the nation.
november 18, 2020
ball state is expanding the number of majors for students transferring from ivy tech community college.
november 17, 2020
all ball state, students will be required to provide a covid-19 test result before returning to campus in the spring.
november 17, 2020
the princeton review and entrepreneur ranks entrepreneurship program among the nation’s best.
november 13, 2020
minnetrista, muncie’s cultural centerpiece, has been named ball state’s community partner of the year for collaboration with university project.
november 12, 2020
during the early stages of the pandemic, women, racial minorities, and older adults were more likely to wear masks.
november 4, 2020
study finds stress related to covid-19 is to blame for more americans eating unhealthily
november 1, 2020
ball state pbs will continue to improve on its decades-long commitment to community-based content.
october 30, 2020
students can find more information about voting deadlines, options and resources at a newly created web site.
october 28, 2020
college students working next summer as interns with various tech organizations in east central indiana will live at ball state
october 27, 2020
ball state university president geoffrey mearns talks about how ball state is making big strides in developing its students to be as attractive as possible to potential employers by placing a higher emphasis on lifetime learning and expanding its presence in indianapolis.
october 23, 2020
journalism professor jennifer palilonis is the recipient of the 2019-20 mid-american conference outstanding faculty award for student success.
october 20, 2020
david letterman joins peyton manning on ball state university’s campus to film a new episode of “peyton’s places,” a documentary style show hosted by the former nfl quarterback.
october 20, 2020
one of the nation’s top collegiate esports experts joins ball state to direct its new varsity program.
october 19, 2020
parents should create new halloween traditions as the cdc urges avoiding high-risk activities such as trick-or-treating and parties.
october 19, 2020
ball state university journalism professor jennifer palilonis is a nominee for the 2019-20 mid-american conference outstanding faculty award for student success.
october 12, 2020
october 9, 2020
more than 200 non-profit organizations and businesses have joined with ball state under the cardinals care program.
october 9, 2020
a ball state astronomer says ancient celts knew it was time for their festival when the star cluster pleiades was directly overhead.